RBD Sleep Disorders

Published: 03rd February 2007
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Rapid eye movement behavioral disorder, or RBD sleep disorders, is a relatively new condition which wasn't diagnosed until 1986 and was brought to light by an individual by the name of Schenck as well as Schenck's associates. This sleep disorder has psychiatric overtones related to it and some general information relating to RBD sleep disorders will be discussed in the paragraphs which follow.

What is RBD Sleep Disorder?

RBD sleep disorder entails a loss of muscle control of an individual who is in the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. During this loss of muscle control, the individual flails about in his or her sleep and may cause injury to themselves as well as any other individual in the bed with them. The convulsions may range from small to severe and frequently an individual is acting out their dreams without even knowing that they are doing so.

Symptoms of RBD Sleep Disorder

The main symptom of RBD sleep disorder is the loss of muscle control while in the REM stage of sleep. There are also other sleep conditions which go along with the RBD sleep disorder. Some of these sleep conditions include sleepwalking, narcolepsy and night terrors. Again, the symptoms will vary with each individual with regard to frequency and intensity.

Causes of RBD Sleep Disorder

Some causes have been related to the condition of RBD sleep disorder. Incidents such as cerebrovascular trauma and tumors have been correlated with RBD sleep disorder. Medical health professionals have alluded to the fact that some brainstem damage may result in RBD sleep disorders.

Treatments for RBD Sleep Disorder

RBD sleep disorder has often been seen as a chronic medical condition. Although, the good news is that there is treatment available to remedy the situation. Those who suffer from RBD sleep disorder may find that an anticonvulsant drug such as Clonazepam may help to relieve symptoms and prevent them from experiencing the RBD sleep disorder.

Dangers of RBD Sleep Disorder

Some individuals may not think that this type of sleep disorder is detrimental. However, RBD sleep disorder is something which can be traumatic not only for the individual afflicted with it but for their sleeping partners as well. Although the intensity and frequency of RBD sleep disorder episodes vary from individual to individual, it is something which can be a cause of concern for everyone involved. Individuals with this disorder may not only cause injury to themselves due to their convulsive episodes while sleeping but could injure others around them as well. This is why RBD sleep disorder needs to be addressed.


It is important for individuals with RBD sleep disorders to know that help is available to remedy this medical condition. Speaking with a medical health professional may help an individual with RBD sleep disorder to alleviate their symptoms and figure out why this medical condition is present.


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